Here's what people are saying about Amina:

“Amina’s strong background in finance gives her the skills we need in a representative to turn our economy around from the disastrous policies of the NDP.” - Ed McDonnell, Acadia resident


“I support Amina Beecroft in her bid for the candidacy for Calgary-Acadia because along with being a long time resident of this constituency, she is knowledgeable of our community’s needs having served as President of the Calgary-Acadia UCP Constituency Association.  Her strong background in finance as well as her honest, hardworking, and approachable nature would be an asset when she is our next MLA!” - Darlene Miller, Willow Park resident


“Amina is our neighbour.  She has lived in Calgary-Acadia for 28 years and understands what’s going on in our community – what matters to us also matters to her.” - Vivian Brissette, Maple Ridge resident

“I have known Amina both professionally and personally for many years and highly recommend her for her professionalism, work ethic, and knowledge of both finance and the energy industry. Amina would represent her constituents well and be a valuable asset to the province as an MLA.” - David Betts CFA, retired, former Commissioner ASC, former vice- president at RBC DS

“I have witnessed Amina‘s strength of character and strong logical voice in difficult situations. Amina’s attributes of professionalism, inclusion and tenacity make her an effective MLA candidate.” - Sherryll Coyne-Galbraith, constituent and member of Calgary Acadia UCP board

“As a long-term customer of my small business, Amina takes the time to listen and understand small business. Amina has a strong understanding of how finance and economic conditions affect business both large and small. Calgary Acadia needs Amina to restore business confidence.” - Hank Isaak, small business owner and resident of Calgary Acadia

To support me and vote in the nomination election you need a current UCP membership.

Please call our office at 403-813-6688.